No antibiotics, no growth stimulants!

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From our farm to your table… Farm-fresh and delicious!

Welcome to our poultry farm

Do you love, farm fresh, free-range eggs?

Local Farm Fresh Eggs Delivered!

Join the Cluck Subscription service!

With the What the Cluck Subscription service you never have to worry about supplies running low because we reserve your weekly order for you! Sign up for as many eggs you need on a weekly basis, choose your weekly pick up day, and pay up front for the month. Your subscription will automatically renews every four weeks, or you can cancel at any time. No more worries!

Our delivery service will deliver farm fresh eggs each to each of our drop off locations.

Raised Ethically

All hens are raised on regenerative pastures at our farm in Colorado.

Quality Matters

Each egg is laid, hand-gathered and guaranteed fresh!


Eggs delivered safe or we replace. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Delivered Safe

Fresh eggs arrive safely at our co-op location each week.


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What people are saying....

"As a health-conscious consumer, these farm fresh eggs have become a staple in my kitchen. The hens' natural diet shines through in the vibrant color and taste, giving me the assurance that I'm nourishing my family with the best."
Nancy H.
"These farm fresh eggs have become the highlight of my culinary adventures. The deep, earthy flavor and firm texture speak volumes about their quality and the care that goes into raising the hens. From hearty breakfasts to gourmet creations, these eggs elevate every dish to a whole new level."
Joel M.